Does Rhinoplasty Stop Your Nose from Growing?

Your nose will continue to grow until you reach maturity, regardless of whether you've had a nose job. When a patient reaches maturity, the nasal bone will stop growing, but the nasal cartilage will continue to grow throughout his life.


is a permanent procedure, but unforeseen circumstances can occur. People go through unexpected changes as they age, and all of these special circumstances contribute to a change in the shape of the nose, which could look like new growth.

It's important to understand that the best course of action is to ensure that the plastic surgeon is highly trained and experienced in this plastic surgery procedure. Some people think that the nose can grow back because nasal cartilage always grows throughout our lives and never stops growing. In conclusion, the nose does not continue to grow after rhinoplasty. While some changes may occur over time, these are not related to growth and can often be addressed through additional procedures or lifestyle changes. If you're thinking about having rhinoplasty, it's important to discuss your concerns and expectations with a qualified surgeon who can help you achieve the best possible result. Bone doesn't grow after maturity, but cartilage continues to grow for the rest of life.

The fact is that nose surgery performed on an adolescent may experience some minor changes or distortions as they mature beyond adolescence. After rhinoplasty, due to the shaving of bones and cartilage affecting the beauty of the nose, there is no possibility of changing the nasal bridge after rhinoplasty. Managing new growth If significant nasal changes occur, the patient should consult their plastic surgeon. While it's true that the nose can change shape over time due to the natural aging process and other factors such as gravity and genetics, these changes are not related to growth. The fact is that nose surgery performed on an adolescent may experience slight changes or distortions as it progresses into adolescence. However, a question that often comes up after rhinoplasty is whether the nose continues to grow after surgery.

When they talk about the growth of the nose after rhinoplasty, most people are referring to the gradual and inevitable changes in the cartilage. To minimize the risk of these changes occurring, it is important to carefully follow the surgeon's postoperative instructions, which may include avoiding strenuous physical activity, abstaining from blowing your nose, and using a splint or other support device as recommended. Others may operate if the adolescent injured his nose or if he has a medical deformity that needs to be addressed. It's important to note that while your nose may not continue to grow after rhinoplasty, it may change over time. Ideally, aesthetic rhinoplasties should only be performed after the patient's nose has reached maturity. The reason for this is that the cartilage and bone that make up the nose have been remodeled and repositioned during surgery and, therefore, cannot continue to grow in the same way as before. Any reshaping, cosmetic contouring or surgical narrowing performed to repair a bulbous nose does not pose any risk of regrowth in the future.

For this reason, the appearance of regression of fleshy noses is too low and may not occur at all.

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