How Long Does a Nose Job Last For?

The results of rhinoplasty are intended to be permanent, and adults who undergo this procedure usually enjoy these results for the rest of their lives. The only reason your results may not be permanent is if you suffer a nose injury in an accident. The good news is that the results of a well-performed rhinoplasty are long-lasting and should not require any maintenance or revision procedures. In addition to the gradual, mild changes caused by aging, your new appearance will be relatively permanent.

If you have nose surgery to correct medical problems, such as an airway obstruction, you should also enjoy lasting improvement. You may want to undergo a second rhinoplasty to adjust any cosmetic changes to meet your expectations once you are fully healed. Most patients won't see the final results of nose surgery until at least 12 to 18 months later. It's important to note that most changes in the appearance of the nose occur during the first year after surgery, as inflammation decreases and tissues heal.

Patients have different concerns and goals when considering nose surgery, so the results you can expect mainly depend on what you want to address with the surgery. During a closed rhinoplasty, two incisions are made inside the nose, through which all the alterations are made. Markarian has a wide variety of techniques at his disposal to customize each rhinoplasty for each patient and their specific nose. Many people undergo rhinoplasty, also called surgery to reshape their nose or have surgery on their nose, while focusing on short-term results.

They may be interested in improving the appearance of their nose before entering college or starting a new career. It's extremely important to be patient with the body's natural healing process as the nose heals after rhinoplasty. In some cases, exercising too soon after nose surgery can cause complications with the aesthetics and functionality of the final results. You should notice a difference in the appearance of your nose about a week after rhinoplasty surgery when your splint is removed.

Swelling occurs when the nose is larger than normal because fluid builds up in and under the skin.

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