Does Rhinoplasty Last a Lifetime? An Expert's Perspective

A rhinoplasty is a permanent restructuring of the nose, and the results are usually long-lasting. Of course, any facial trauma, such as a car accident, can cause changes to the shape of your nose. Additionally, the natural aging process can cause some subtle changes in the nose's appearance. As the nose is so prominent, nose surgery must be done to ensure it looks good over time. To achieve lasting results, an experienced surgeon is essential.

While many surgeons may be able to perform nose surgery that looks good for the first year, it's much harder to create a nose that will last. Thanks to his extensive experience in a wide variety of rhinoplasty techniques, Dr. Rahban has become an expert in anti-aging rhinoplasty. Normal aging may cause some gradual changes in the appearance of the nose, but most of the improvements seen after rhinoplasty will be relatively permanent. The nose is made up of soft tissue in addition to bone and cartilage.

This soft tissue is what will age over time, meaning that, like other parts of the face, aging will cause the breakdown of collagen and the skin to sag. The new shape created by rhinoplasty lasts a lifetime. While most changes to your nose are subtle as you age, some factors play a bigger role in altering your appearance than others. Below, we will discuss some of the main factors affecting the aging quality of rhinoplasty. With these newer, more advanced techniques, you'll get better long-term results than with traditional rhinoplasty. Patients who underwent rhinoplasty when they were younger may not have had a surgeon who used advanced techniques.

Dr. Thomas Romo has specialized experience in this procedure, including ethnic and revision rhinoplasties. Even patients who undergo rhinoplasty with an excellent surgical technique may want to undergo revision surgery as time goes on.

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